Stock castter

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Stock castter

Post by hest » Wed Dec 15, 2004 9:53 am

> What is the stock specification for the caster? How much more would
you add
> to this if flat towing?
> Brad
Per the factory manual, stock is +2-3/4 to +4-1/4 degrees, with no more
than 1/2 degree variation between wheels, and 3-1/2 degrees being the
optimum specification.

Those of us who have reset their caster by whatever means to values
greater than stock know that the factory numbers are too low (they were
specified that way to make the steering manageable with a manual steering
gear). Broncos handle much better (especially with large tires) with a
caster angle of 5 to 8 degrees. I cut the inner knuckles off my Dana 44,
rotated them and welded them back on to get 5 degrees. Night and day
difference from the 3 degrees I had before. I don't flat tow, but I would
think that the improved self-centering of the wheel that I have now would
be beneficial.

Lars Pedersen
Davis, CA
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