Need toy money! Stuff for sale

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Need toy money! Stuff for sale

Post by alpashco at » Wed Dec 15, 2004 8:13 pm

Hey all,

I thought I would try here before I send the stuff to Ebay.

-- Brand new never used Bushwacker cut-out fender flares

-- 3.5inch Wildhorses rockcrawler coils (black) only used for two weeks
(don't ask)

-- 17" Derale flex fan standard rotation. Sat too close to my big dollar RD
radiator for my liking and was advised against using the guard on the
aluminium rad. less than 100 mile use.

-- Dana 44 trac-loc for 3.92 and numerically lower
$ best offer

-- 44 and 9" 3.5x ring and pinion
$ best offer

-- Rancho in cab shock adjuster/pump for RS 9000's
$ best offer

-- 3.5 super lift super stiff yellow coils
$ best offer

-- 13 gallon main tank/filler neck/strap/j-bolt/mounts from a 70
$ best offer

-- 2" lift blocks w/degree'd mounting
$ best offer

All items plus shipping. Located in Las Vegas, Kneevada.

Allen Wells
1970 - NV3550, 5.5" total lift,
44/BB9", 4whl disc, 4.56's and a Ron Davis radiator for that NASCAR feel!
2003 F350 SD CC 7.3 PSD 4X4
Las Vegas, Nevada

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