Converting C4 to Ax15

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Bfix "What's a Bronco?"
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Converting C4 to Ax15

Post by Cstrom » Wed Jan 25, 2017 9:16 pm

Looking to do an Ax15 swap soon after I get my FiTech installed. Anyone have a review on the aftermarket Clutch/Brake pedal assembly avail from the Bronco Vendors? Or should I try to source a OEM one? I would like to run a hydraulic clutch so I can route the line myself out of the way for header clearance but I don't see a kit or aftermarket set up made for Broncos on any of the vendor sites. I just built a 67 Mustang with an 347, T-5 Conversion and we used the MustangSteve cable clutch which I think would fit the Bronco fine but I want hydraulic since mine will be daily driven. I found a good post from a guy who used some parts from Summit Racing, might go that route. Just looking for a little input- Thanks!
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Post by DirtDonk » Sun Jan 29, 2017 5:36 pm

Never heard any complaints about the aftermarket pedal assemblies we sell. But if you can find an OE one, especially if it's less expensive, then I don't see why not to try that either.
But if you're limited to the easily available ones from the vendors, I think you'll be fine.

What is the main reason for wanting hydraulic? Just the cleaner routing of your own choosing, or easier pedal pressure too? AS far as pressure, I had a stiff aftermarket clutch and didn't mind it at all. That said, the now all too common aftermarket replacements are diaphragm style pressure plates rather than the old three-finger Long style that came stock on EBs. The diaphragm styles are known for being easier on the left leg, even when compared to a stock one. Used a couple in other peoples Broncos (my own is not installed yet) and feel they are very light. No problem at all.
As for routing, have you already run into trouble with header clearance? What headers will you be running? All EB headers should fit just fine with stock linkage.

Mostly just curious. I'm not against hydraulic. Just that it has not been much of an issue for Bronco owners except for ZF swaps, and has just not come up much in discussion.
When people do convert, I don't remember any particular setup they've settled on. Some buy new, others buy used from the junkyard. All seem to have reasonably good results other than the extra hassle of figuring fitment out for themselves.

Good luck. Let us know what setup you decide on if you go with the hydraulic.

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