1974 engine colors

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Bfix "What's a Bronco?"
Bfix "What's a Bronco?"
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1974 engine colors

Post by Olilux » Mon Mar 06, 2017 5:47 am

Hi all,
I got my project Bronco just after new year and I have been stripping it. I want to rebuild it as it came from the Icelandic dealer in 1974. It has two previous owners and I know them both. It was originally Limestone Green Poly and in 1986 it was rebuilt, mostly to remove rust, the C4 was rebuilt and it was repainted in a dark green tone. The owner tells me that the engine has newer been touched. Ok, fair enough, but it is black now with unpainted valve covers...
- What is the original color of engine block, heads, covers and manifold?
If blue, are all the pieces blue? And is it the same blue as the air cleaner or a darker Ford blue?
- C4 Transmission (metal)
- transfercase (black ?)
- axles and driveshafts (black ?)

thanks Oli
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Post by DirtDonk » Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:41 pm

Hey Oilux, sorry about being ignored! For some reason your post was never highlighted in red like they do when it's not been viewed by the user yet. Just happened to realize there was a question I hadn't seen and opened it up.

Anyway, did you get your answers? Yes, the original engine color would have been one of the Ford Blues, and the valve covers would have been the same.
Most often the air-cleaner would have either matched, or been black. However, I have seen some that used the Ford Dark Blue color even though the engine was a lighter Blue.

And there's the dilemma. Different paint companies call them different things, but generally speaking we usually refer to three different Blues. They are Ford Blue, Ford Light Blue, and Ford Dark Blue. I've also seen Ford Corporate Blue (kind of a variation on wording, but not of color) and others as well.
The lighter Blue was the earlier engines, but not for all cars and trucks. But I do believe that Broncos got the light Blue up until at least '69 or '70. Sorry I don't have the original engine from my '68, but I'll see if I can find pics.
The "medium" Blue, which is normally just "Ford Blue" is what a '70-'77 would have had. It's what my '71 had from the factory. I painted my valve covers "Ford Blue" and it was a noticeably lighter hue.

And that's one of the problems with the naming I think. Originally the lighter blue WAS just "Ford Blue" because the different ones didn't exist. Then I saw some companies listing the newer color as just "Ford Blue" and the older color as "Ford Light Blue" and it just kept getting stranger from there.
So the best practice is usually to use just one manufacturer of paint and see what they have that matches pictures you can find the best. Like going to Duplicolor and getting the middle one.

Some other issues arise when you use a specialty company like POR-15 and their Blue is so much darker, with more black in it, than most of the others. The first Por-15 engine spray I ever saw was definitely dark!

Good luck. Maybe someone here has used one recently and can give you the name of a brand/manufacturer and the part number the matched the best.

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