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Tining chain covers are they different ?

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 9:04 am
by Stan
Are there different timing chain covers for SBFs depending on if the water pump is - standard rotation with passenger side inlet or for driver side inlet and is the cover different for a reverse rotation water pump?
Just wondering if I happen to pickup a rebuilt long block that includes the timing chain cover is the cover specific to passenger side inlet or driver side inlet .

Re: Tining chain covers are they different ?

Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2018 10:40 pm
by DirtDonk

There were at least 19 different front cover designs over the years. I think they narrowed it down by attrition to only 8 or 9 available through the aftermarket a few years ago.
For most however, even if the wrong pump direction is used, as long as the pump bolts on correctly, it can work to cool the engine. Just not quite as efficiently as if designed for that pump. So there are lots of mismatches out there that still work.
Best to mate them up to their correct application though.

Not just flow direction however, but also things like where the timing pointer bolts on, how deep it is (think Explorer vs pickup) which can effect how it fits with a particular timing chain/gear set. Of course, some later ones will never fit an old engine because the fuel pump eccentric sticks out too far and won't let the cover bolt on. Or if it did bolt on, would rub like the dickens.
Then of course the most obvious difference is whether or not there was a mechanical fuel pump boss cast in as functional, cast in as closed, or missing entirely.

But the "good news" is that all of them will bolt on to any 302/5.0/5.8/351W engine.
After that you're on your own!


Re: Tining chain covers are they different ?

Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2018 10:41 pm
by DirtDonk
And yes, I realized this was 20 days old now, but hopefully you either got your info already, or found this answer to be timely in it's delivery... :D