2001 PSVB Anniversary party!

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2001 PSVB Anniversary party!

Post by johnl » Sat Sep 18, 2004 8:42 am


Sequim! Roll those words off your tongue… Sequim… OK, it's not a great name is it? But Sequim is where the Guiness Book lists the World’s Oldest Bronco Shop (okay, we made that up). Located a couple hours west of Seattle on the Pacific Peninsula you will find James Duff Enterprises. James Duff is probably the best known name in Early Bronco-dom. Escaping the hectic pace of the LA lifestyle the Duff Family relocated to Sequim, Washington and built the Early Bronco empire we now know and love. It was here, in Sequim (we love saying it!), that we visited the James Duff / Puget Sound Vintage Bronco's anniversary party and hoedown..

The Portland, Oregon to Sequim, WA trip is a five hour jaunt from EBE Skunkworks. Unfortunately, a heavy down pour of rain shadowed our five hours. The further north we traveled the worse it got. I decided early on not to drive the EB. I dunno… 5 hours in pouring rain in a bikini top? Did I make the right choice? My wife assures me I did. Reaching our destination Friday, night we checked into the hotel Roger and Linda Bell (EBE Mafia kingpins) had secured for us. With just a smidgen of light left we boogied across town to the festivities. Here we met old and new friends and shot the bull for an hour or two (while being rained on) until that motel hot shower beckoned us (the Bell’s told us it was a hotel!). We said our goodbye (to the rain) for the evening and headed to our room. And then we…oh! That is on the pay site!

Saturday brought more rain… off and on. It also brought most of the activities planned for the event. There was the Teeter-Totter, Divorce Course, Children’s games, a nice raffle, the RTI ramp and tours through the Duff Empire. My informant tells me the crew at JD had to work over time to clean the shop. It was pretty damn impressive when we toured it, and first impressions are always the best.

Most of the day we hung around the grounds and watched wives get mad at husbands, and vice versa, on the Divorce Course. I suppose communication while blindfolded is better left to the bedroom! One unlucky female driver managed to even run over a sponsors banner that happened to be in the way… ok, she was blindfolded but still… Around lunchtime the broncos and there owners assembled for a group shot. Many unaware passers byes stopped and stared at the gathering of Ford "Horse" power under a single banner.

The raffle was pretty good! Even though I didn’t when a thing. Everyone seemed happy though. Not bad considering there was 70+ broncos in attendance.

After the raffle there was a small lull in the day. Many went there separate ways reconvening later that night for a trail run while the ones who wished to stay by the campfire did so. I decided to get something to eat in town, along with the Bells, Berrys, Schwitters and Lindblooms. We ate at the local Italian restaurant all the while being entertained by "Randy the Cook." Randy filled us in on some local James Duff stories and a few jokes that to this day we still can't get. I think Randy had been dipping in to his spumoni sauce just a bit too much. Good for Randy!

Sunday was uneventful, basically a long drive home with Broncos fresh on our mind. The sun and rain fought for dominence all weekend, I think the rain finally won.

We had a great time, and really appreciate the Duff clan and PSVB fpr putting on a great event. You can bet EBE will be back agin!

Scott and Cindy Conley get the credits for the pictures.

Willie Lenz
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Bronco gathering

Post by Willie Lenz » Sat Jun 21, 2008 1:49 pm

Just wondering if you have a date in mind for this gathering? Please let me know sounds interesting. Thanks

(Eastern Washington, stock 70 Sport Bronco )

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