Oasis Air

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Oasis Air

Post by adambronco74 » Thu Oct 03, 2002 9:38 pm

Has anyone used the Oasis Trailhead Air Compressor? They seem like they would be a pretty good setup to get. Anyone have experience with them?

What do you think would be better to go for, something like this, or something along the lines of a Power Tank?

Locopony Racing
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on board air

Post by Locopony Racing » Sat Oct 05, 2002 11:18 am

most good on-board air options are spendy.. the trailhead is basiclly a york pump and a winch motor.. but a VERY nice unit.
its unfort. nicely priced too at over $600.
that would buy a LOT of o2 or nitrogen refills for a onboard tank. (ie ready air).. but u do need the right fittings for volume
after looking at all options i am going with a Sankyo/Sandeen air conditioner pum,p hooked to a belt on a double pully off the alternator.
you can turn it on-off with its clutch.. its small. and cost will be under $100. in my case it will be tied into a 4 inch dia 30 inch long pvc tank that is tucked inside and up over the pass. side wheel well.. with a one way valve and pressure release..i know the problems with pvc and its dangers.. however its tucked inside the body cavity and there are a few small ammo can type boxes on the inside.. so even if it decides to blow it would be well contained.. this should be a good reliable source for air horn,arb, air tools and tire inflation..
the other concern aobut the 12v units is weight the good ones weigh in the neighbor hood of 30 lbs or more.. and draw 20-50 amps..

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