hoop behind the front seat is too close to my head

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hoop behind the front seat is too close to my head

Post by Freddy » Wed Apr 20, 2016 8:25 pm

Hi guys, I need some advice. I had a roll cage built several years back while I was doing a complete frame off restoration. I havent used the truck much until recently.

I realized that the hoop behind the front seat is too close to my head, and potentially dangerous in a crash or even a bumpy trial. I want to raise the hoop at least 2 inches, but I vacillating over cutting and welding a sleeve or possibly putting 2" hard rubber blocks sandwiched between the base plate and body and plate under the body using longer grade 8 bolts.

Any thoughts or other solutions?

The cage specs are like those of the WH P Sports Bar in terms of tubing and style. The seats are tied in to the cage. I have both gas Mig and Tig at my disposal and am confident in my skills but live in an apartment building. My neighbours will only put up with so much ruckus and disturbing sights.

By the way, the guys who did the cage are long gone. I just did pay attention to this until too late. :fedup:
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Post by Formerjughead » Fri Apr 22, 2016 7:37 am

There is a guy in in Washington that lowered his floor pans because of that. Makes it a lot easier getting in and out.
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