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Anyone know where they sell door weather stripping

Posted: Mon Apr 30, 2018 9:51 pm
by Blayze
I ordered door rubbers for my 74 topless and now the doors won't close ......I tried a heat gun and smashing them down overnight ...I tried adjusting the parts underneath by the body mount bushings and door there any place that sells weatherstripping that pop in and don't give any problems .....before I stick my head in a meat grinder .. .lol

Re: Anyone know where they sell door weather stripping

Posted: Wed May 02, 2018 12:17 am
by brncofan
Check out wildhorses4x4. They have weatherstripping for early Broncos.

Re: Anyone know where they sell door weather stripping

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:00 pm
by DirtDonk
Hey Blayze. Did you get this sorted out?
It's true we have the product, and have pretty good ones because we've also gone through many versions/brands over the years trying to find the best fitting ones so you don't have to slam the doors so hard you break windows, welds and inner channels!
Unfortunately, with only varying results.

The biggest problem is inconsistency. We'll find one manufacturer that has the best fitting, softest seals, then six months later we get a batch that is hard as a rock just like the others. It's like they all buy from the same few molding companies and re-sell them as their own.

So while we're lucky in that "most of the time" ours are good, we also now offer a money-back guarantee if the ones you get are not going to work as you'd hoped. We don't have to take advantage of that very often any more, but still do on occasion. And it's not fun doing it from any aspect.

For these reasons we usually recommend that people test-fit their seals before gluing in permanently. Saves time and trouble on your part. Not to mention the aggravation of having to do it all over again!

I know it's been over a month now though. Have you had any better luck at getting a good set yet?
If not, let us know and we can send you out a set. Then if it doesn't work, let us know that too.
And even if it does work as advertised, let us know that too! We like to hear good results as much as any one.

Hope you got yours fixed.