The drinks are free because of …

One of the benefits of a casino is that drinks are typically free. Here, where I worked, the state did not allow the selling of alcohol, but the guests were permitted and encouraged to bring their own drink. Most often than not, I would come across a guest who was risking his money with too much alcohol. At larger casinos, drinks are free because they’re expecting you to fail. Your expenses are what the free drinks cover. Second, by giving you free drinks, the casino is helping to weaken your decision-making skills, which ensures that you’re likely to spend more money.

Law Enforcement is Everywhere

You may think security at a casino is restricted to hundreds of overhead cameras and the occasional floor manager – but you’d be wrong. Every casino has its own collection of law enforcement officers that are making guests. Their duty is to watch what the players do, to recognize the cheaters and to apprehend the wrong-doers. Casinos don’t want you to know this because it’s going to make their guests feel awkward.

Do you want to find an officer? It’s much simpler than you would imagine. Officers seem to travel a lot around the casino. You will find them at various tables for one or two sides and at several of the slot machines.

You can’t work out what you haven’t lost

I’ve seen quite a few gaming forums that talk about trying to trick the casino to give you free drinks, meals or rooms because it seems like you’re still losing the game. But there are still eyes on you. Casino workers have a range of rules to obey when it comes to comping. They can’t just compare your drink because you’re looking fine. In reality, an employee may be fired for handing out comps to any guest that they feel has not invested enough money in their establishment.

Don’t claim to be comped if you’re not playing.

Bigger Chips Profit Casino, Not You..

You will find in many casinos that you are allowed to take larger chips instead of smaller ones. They’re only doing this because it’s more convenient for them. You may not think much about it, but taking larger chips can actually work against you. Somehow, it seems easier to throw down a single $25 chip than to count out five $5 chips, so there’s always a temptation to bet more than you would like. This can result in a very rapid loss of capital. You don’t have to take the bigger chips, just make sure you choose the denominations that you feel comfortable with.